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A New York state of mind

Our first purse production is scheduled for late August 2016 and it was time to select the final materials. This was a pretty exciting time since I had dreams of this day for the past 9 months and close to having a product produced.

All my bags need to be perfect, so I have taken a very hands on approach with materials selection and design. I scheduled a 3 day trip but set aside the first 2 days to get business in order. I had appointments with various shops to ensure we selected the right materials and then made purchases on Friday of zippers, snaps, leather, buckles and more from the garment district.

Making a purchase of purse materials for first bag
Gold purse snaps that were one of many options to select for purse design details
NYC garment district shopping for purse materials

I’ve been to NYC many times before, but have a whole new view of the city after shopping at these secret and hidden spots for materials. The energy also of the city gives you such excitement to think that maybe one day I’ll have a shop in the city selling my purses and bags.

I have certainly surrounded myself with a good business manufacturing partner that has helped guide me along the way. My girlfriends came up with me to help me along the process and be my unofficial board vetting and approving my color selections.

Leaving NYC surely had me dreaming of things to come.

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