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Portland Fashion Week + Lucky Jack

Over the past year we have come so far and learned so much, met so many amazing people, and are continuing the momentum of building an exciting business. I am happy to say that it’s well underway and completely energizing!

An exciting development this month included submitting our second purse design into the FashioNXT accessories competition. FashioNXT is Portland’s premiere fashion forward show that kicks off Portland’s official fashion week October 5-8, 2016! The winner of the accessories competition will be unveiled in October, so we have a few short months to wait to see who will win— my fingers and toes are crossed!

As part of this submission the requirement was to submit 5 photos of your design. I needed to tell the story of this amazing bag, so I enlisted a network of creative folks to help me. I quickly scheduled a photo shoot with an amazing local photographer, Sarah of Sarahdipity Photos, and she worked her magic. Her space downtown, Cowork Creative, is perfectly suited for product photos with natural light flowing into the 3rd floor photo studio. The purse seemed to be glowing in the natural light and completely happy with this photo genius hovering over capturing all the details.

Telling the story of my design included showcasing a few things to ensure the judges had the complete picture of this fun bag since they weren't able to feel and touch it.

  1. This bag is very versatile in that it can be used as a shoulder bag, or converted into a cute clutch by either removing the shoulder strap completely or by tucking it inside the bag

  2. The interior is super fun and includes a pop of color that is a bit unexpected

  3. A zoom in of our high end nylon dog collar material that's included in every Lucky Jack design as a reminder of our mission to give back to local pet rescue organizations

This purse will be available late 2016 or early 2017 and currently selecting the perfect colors for spring 2017! While you’re waiting for this purse to be available for purchase, check out some of the fun collections at FashioNXT and get some inspiration for your next shopping trip.

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